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Make Your Research Data Findable

LOGS contains a central repository that makes your research data findable. It automatically pulls raw data from instruments, extracts metadata, and makes it accessible via your browser.

LOGS - Your Scientific Data Management System

Find Your Reseach Data

With LOGS, you can easily search and filter your lab data by metadata, e.g. samples, people and instruments.

Store Your Data for the Long Term

With LOGS, the raw data is automatically retained, saved alongside metadata, and protected from tampering.

Automatically Extract Metadata

LOGS automatically extracts metadata and stores it alongside raw data, keeping it reproducible and reusable.

Access Your Data Securely from Anywhere

LOGS makes data easily accessible and shareable through a web browser and enables data sharing with external collaborators.

Automatically Pull Your Data from Instruments

LOGS automatically uploads newly acquired data straight from the instrument. As a result, you have 100% of your measurement data in the system.

Visualize Your Data Without Third-Party Software

LOGS natively understands a growing number of data formats and visualizes them directly in your browser, without requiring third-party software.

Developed in cooperation with academic and corporate partners

Want to learn more?

LOGS has a lot of great features to offer for researchers. Check out our product page.