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Talking to lab leaders about research data management

We invite LOGS users and all other parties interested in an effective scientific data management to participate in our webcasts in mid July.

Ask the experts!

Two experienced lab leaders will talk with us about how they manage to gather, store, search, and to distribute and communicate  scientific measurements and further data.

Signals director Dr. Jakob J. Lopez will interview them, and host Heike Zeller will make sure that your questions, comments and input will be integrated into the discussion. 


On Monday, July 11 we will focus on Core Measurement Facilities

bellstedtDr. Peter Bellstedt has years of experience as head of the NMR platform at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, which has an exceptionally well set up data workflow. This allows the facility staff to serve a large number of users and research groups daily, using an automated procedure to gather sample information and provide users with the sample measurement data.

Register for the webcast on research data management for core measuring facilities.

On Tuesday, July 12 our attention is on research labs, both academic and corporate.

malyDr. Thorsten Maly is Co-founder and Vice President at Bridge12 Technologies Inc., which builds scientific instruments for use in NMR, EPR and DNP Spectroscopy. Bridge12 carries out numerous measurements for internal purposes and within collaboration projects. Its important for Dr. Maly and his team to automatically save measured data, and be able to quickly and easily access specific measurements, e.g. calibration data from instruments and samples. 

Register for the webcast on research data management for research laboratories.


If you have any questions about the webcasts or concerning LOGS, please feel free to reach out.


We look forward to insightful sessions and your participation!